Friday, March 31, 2017

Stop dropping April Fools' jokes a day early. Now.

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Stop dropping April Fools

There's only one way to do an April Fools' prank properly: Do it on April 1. It's not funny on other days. 

Brands love April Fools' day. It gives them some brand-focused exposure and paints even the most corporate-y corporation as a laid back place that's all about fun. 

However, this year April 1 falls on a Saturday. And that's just not good enough for some companies, who know those April Fools' stories won't see the same traffic as they would on a workday. 

So they've done the logical thing: They've launched their April Fools jokes a few days earlier. 

Only it's not the logical thing. It's dumb, it's wrong, and it's even a little dangerous.  Read more...

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