Friday, March 31, 2017

Prank experts build the app of your April Fools' Day dreams

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Prank experts build the app of your April Fools

I know, I know, April Fools' Day has gotten so over the top, few pranks are actually funny (especially when they come a day early.) 

Sometimes, your best bet is to stick with the basics, like a good old-fashioned prank call. Successfully pulling one off is another matter, though. That's where a new app from Ownage Pranks comes in.

Created by the masterminds behind the popular YouTube series of the same name, the app helps you send pre-recorded prank calls to people you know and lets your listen in on the call as it unfolds.

The app has dozens of pre-recorded calls, many of which are based on the characters from the YouTube series voiced by Russell Johnson, the face of the series. Each call sets up a different scenario — a stranger asking why you're leaving notes on their door, a random coworker asking if you can cover their shift — and follows a set script with Johnson's voice guiding the conversation. Read more...

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