Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dude wakes up to a really mean skunk in his tent

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Dude wakes up to a really mean skunk in his tent

Coming face-to-face with a skunk in the wild would instill sheer panic into most people. Instead this guy just calls the intruder a freak and politely tells the skunk to go away.

A backpacker hiking the Appalachian trail in Georgia a few weeks ago encountered an unexpected snowstorm that forced him to set up camp for the night. According to the hiker, a skunk seeking some warmth strolled into his tent early in the morning, and took a special liking to his backpack.

Eventually the skunk bit the man as he shooed him out of his tent, and he ended up having to get a set of rabies shots, because if you get rabies, you die. Read more...

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