Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Actually, 'Dimension 404' isn't 'Black Mirror.' It's something weirder.

See how I undercover


When the trailer dropped for Hulu's new series Dimension 404, made by web content studio RocketJump, you could have been forgiven for picking up a very Black Mirror vibe.

Like Black Mirror, Dimension 404 is a science-fiction anthology series with a new story every episode. Each story features some kind of technology gone wrong (the 404, of course, refers to the error code when a web page is not found). 

The comparisons were inevitable. Turns out they were also wrong.

Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker's UK-born hit, which moved to Netflix for its third season last year, goes out of its way to disturb you. It takes premises that sound like they should be funny — the Prime Minister is asked to have sex with a what? — and turns them into morality plays. Each premise is explored with such a straight face that by the end of each show you're disgusted with humanity and terrified for our future.  Read more...

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